Vision & Mission

Our Vision Actively pursue innovation and ongoing improvement in practice to ensure that each student has outstanding opportunities to successfully complete the senior secondary education and has the capabilities and confidence.
Encourage students to complement their academic studies with co-curricular activities in recognition that such broadening of the school experience will be of great value.
Provide a comprehensive infrastructure combined with an environment conducive to the development of each area of a child’s persona. Create a scientific attitude, a creative bent of mind and a sensitive human being in him/her.
Instill rich moral values , culture & discipline.
Infuse social and environmental concerns. At every stage, it is ensured that their interest level is sustained and ample scope is provided to them to exhibit their innate talents.
We shall foster an environment that is conductive in performance ,growth and development of every student.
Our Mission Walking on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
Dashmesh Sen.Sec.School, Kapal Mochan District,Yamunanagar has grown into a symbol of comprehensive education. Our school strives to provide Global education systems in the rural and urban areas of India. The group endeavors to emerge as a role model in the field of quality education. The future plans include providing quality education avenues by establishing institutions of international repute. The school is a pioneer of quality education, providing education from Nursery to X based on the time tested and result oriented CBSE syllabus.
Our sc
hool is a community-learning center that develops individual pathways for students in order to encourage and support them to achieve personal standards of excellence in a caring environment.