• We cater to the educational properties of Pre-Primary Education, which is characterise by interaction with peers and educators through which our children improve their use of language and social skills, and start to develop logical and reasoning skills. We also introduces our children to alphabetical and mathematical concepts and encourage them to explore their surrounding world and environment. Gross motor activities (i.e. physical exercise through games and other activities) are supervised. Play-based activities as learning opportunities to help promoting social interactions with peers and to develop skills, autonomy and school readiness.


  • We give importance to the Primary Level (I-V), as it is the building years for the middle school and rigorous and recurring work is done, so as to prepare the child for his/her bright career. We focus on the reading habit, writing skill and communicative abilities of the children for their overall development at this tender age. VAKT (Visual, Audio, Kinaesthetic and Tactile) way of education is harmonically used as an effective tool for curriculum delivery. This approach is also very much helpful for logical thinking. Imagination and activity based teaching go on to harness the creative minds of the students.


  • As per model education – ‘What we listen we forget, What we see we remember, What we do we learn.’ To keeping this Ideology in our mind, we focus our concentration to the development of Upper Primary Level (VI-VIII). Here we provide the opportunities for our students of the middle school. Normally we arranged Audio- Visual Class Room, Start Class Room, Using different kind of TLM, Lab Activities etc. which help them very much to understand the topic. Art Integration Learning is also an important feature of our school in this level.


  • The secondary section (IX-X) is a very important period for student’s life. This stage play an important role to reach their goal. We are very much focused to provide them the opportunities which helps to develop their skills like abstract thinking, critical reasoning, handling the stress and also they can able to apply their theoretical knowledge in to real environment. Some of the methods we follow to develop their skills are – Problem solving method, Discussion method, Demonstration method, Project based method, Activity based method, Case study method.


  • The school has Senior Secondary division (10+2) with Science, Commerce and Humanities wings. The school always strives to open the new windows of professional and academic purview with equal strength in the next steps of the students after (10+2).